Powder for Oily Skin, Tips & Tricks

Oily skin and finishing powder, or what we like to call: soul mates.

We know just how frustrating it can be to follow a makeup tutorial, go above and beyond creating a look, only for it to slide off halfway throughout the day or night. That’s where our trusty finishing powder comes in.  

Keeping your makeup fresh and locked in place all day can be tough, but powder is a beauty tool that goes way beyond helping out. From extending your makeup and keeping the dreaded shine at a minimum to blurring imperfections and hydrating the skin, the results of applying powder to oily skin are pretty unbeatable.

The best powder for oily skin will soak up excess sebum, subtly mattify the complexion, and help you say bye to any tell-tale shine.

Smooth, airbrushed, velvety-looking skin? It’s yours.

Let’s talk oily skin

The oil in your skin is created by the sebaceous glands. If you have oily skin, you’re dealing with overactive sebaceous glands that are producing excess sebum. Often oily skin appears shiny, often with larger pores that can become clogged. Since makeup emulsifies with the skin’s natural oils pretty quickly, those of us with oily skin types are often left looking greasier than others.

Your saviour? Translucent powder -it’s kinda life changing.

The perfect powders for oily skin: tips & tricks 

  • You know that dreaded dry skin-oily skin cycle beauty experts talk about? Here’s how to avoid it. Oily skin is often extra oily because it is dehydrated on a cellular level, and trying to hydrate itself! It does this by producing excessive amounts of oil. Avoid ‘oil free’ skincare formulas as they actually dry out the skin and cause it to produce MORE oil. 
  • The best makeup for oily skin is full of skin loving ingredients that work with your skin type, not against it. Our velvet finishing powder is packed with power ingredients including Vitamin A, E and Coconut Aminos that work to deeply condition and hydrate the complexion - something oily skin really needs. 
  • Not only does it control excess oil production at the best of times, but for those of you with particularly oily skin, it takes away excess shine without adding weight or chalkiness to the skin. 
  • The best powder for oily skin is light, silky and won’t compromise on an oil-absorbing ability. Our triple-milled velvet finishing powder is undeniably reliable -all day long. Soak up sweat and excess oil and give yourself a dreamy Instagram-filtered finish.
  • Put the humble makeup brush down and make sure you apply your translucent setting powder with the same damp blending sponge that you used to apply your foundation. Tap the beauty sponge straight into the powder and press the product directly into your skin to set your base properly. When you deeply press the powder into your skin, it’ll keep your skin matte for a much longer period of time.
  • Think of your finishing powder as a beauty tool that can massively extend the longevity of your makeup, so make sure that you target the T-zone and give it some real TLC.

For creating an infinitely long-lasting finish and coverage for even the oiliest of skin types, explore our powder techniques (link to powder blog) and browse our unique selection of products that combine makeup and skincare to give you the skin you’ve always wanted.