The Best Type of Lashes for Hooded Eyes

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The Best Type of Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Not all eye shapes are created the same – and neither are our falsies.

For the lash lovers with hooded eye shapes, avoiding a false lash fail can be tough when many false lashes don’t cater specifically to your eye shape… but we can help.

By following this simple guide and browsing through our collection of lust-worthy lashes dedicated just to you, you'll be fluttering a fuller looking lash in a hot minute. 

When it comes to the best false lashes for hooded eye shapes, you’re in the right spot.  Shop the curated collection for hooded eyes here.

Hooded eyes: the 411 

hooded eyes

Hooded eyes have a crease with a prominent brow bone. As the skin of the brow bone conceals the crease of the eye, the full eyelid isn’t completely visible when the eye is open. Many of us are born with hooded eye shapes, but over time, age and loss of skin elasticity can result in different eye shapes such as almond eyes and deep set eyes taking on a more hooded appearance over time.

Which lashes shall I wear?

Hooded eyes give us sultry vibes – so make the most of them! Wearing the wrong type of lashes can really pull hooded eyes down, making them appear a lot smaller than they really are. Some of the best lashes for hooded eyes curl directly above the pupil to really open the eye at the centre, but you can also opt for fluffy-looking lashes that taper out slightly on the ends. Enhance your look by picking styles that feature a wispy mix of longer and shorter lashes to create the illusion of depth.   

Melanie Lash ($10 AUD)

The Melanie lash features cross woven, tapered hairs on both the inner and outer corners to really open and brighten the eyes. Kinda’ in love.

The Natural Set ($10 AUD)

Can you imagine what the best fake lashes for hooded eyes would like all in one place? A little slice of heaven, right? Meet the Natural Set, a winning combination of five different styles made from soft textures, faux mink fibres and a range of volumes and lengths. Like we said… a little slice of heaven – the beauty edition. 

Erin Lash ($10 AUD)

Meet the Erin Lash, a lightweight design featuring soft, flirty and fluffy lash fibers arranged in the most delicate bundles. Daytime chic, complete. 


Do false eyelashes look good on hooded eyes?

Of course! Hooded eyes give us all kinds of mysterious vibes, and the best lashes for hooded eyes will really bring that out. Just make sure you pick lash styles that suit your eye shape, as you don’t want your eyes to appear overwhelmed. 

What are the best natural looking lashes? 

The best natural looking lashes are handcrafted, reusable and cruelty free. Using quality fibres only, you won’t need to worry about your lashes looking fake or ruining your makeup look.

How can I find lashes that suit my eyes?

It can be a little tricky finding the right lashes for you, but we can change all of that. Nikkia Joy Cosmetics specifically design lashes that cater to a selection of eye shapes and eye types, whether you wear glasses, have super sensitive eyes or you’re blessed with beautifully big eyes, we’ve got something for everyone.