Powder for Dry Skin: Crushing the Myth

Every skin type comes with its own beauty challenges… and myths that need crushing by the experts.

And for those of you dealing with dry or dehydrated skin, you’ll understand how frustrating it can be to find makeup for dry skin that won’t dry you out or make your makeup flake off. The best makeup for dry skin will give you the airbrushed glow you deserve, and we promise you – it exists.

This week? We’re talking powders. Now’s the time to ignore the bad rap that this game-changing makeup product has for causing dry skin to look even cakier and flakier than before application.  If you’re sick of your makeup creasing, looking cakey or textured, we’ve got the answers.

Meet the makeup product that’s loaded with beneficial skincare ingredients for dry skin.

Do you have dry skin?

We get it; if you’re dealing with dry skin, choosing the right setting powder can seem like a minefield. Dry skin is characterised by fewer oil-producing glands, and can often feel uncomfortable, tight, flaky, and even itchy. But that doesn’t mean powder is a no-go for you. In fact, this makeup ‘topcoat’ can give dry skin an undeniably smooth finish, while offering hydrating and soothing properties all in one quick application.

Yep, like a gift from the beauty god’s, here’s what you need to know about applying powder when you have dry skin.



Creating an airbrushed finish with powder  

  • Smooth things out! Before you go in with your favourite makeup products, make sure that you prep the skin with an uber hydrating skincare routine. This creates a more welcoming base for even makeup application as it attracts more moisture to the top layer of your skin.
  • Less is more with dry skin… which means stay away from ridiculously thick layers! Pick up a brush and use a small amount of product to lightly dust your powder to your skin. The stigma around powder and dry skin needs to go; not only is it untrue but it’s getting in the way of you and perfectly hydrated, photoshopped-looking skin.  
  • The best makeup for dry skin types are products packed with hydrating ingredients. Our Velvet Finishing Powder contains hydrating and conditioning Vitamin E, A and Sweet Almond Oil, and these loving vitamins promise to keep your makeup looking extra fresh, revitalised and glowing all day long.
  • Unlike traditional pressed powders, loose powders can be applied a little more seamlessly with a brush or a beauty sponge, giving you a velvety, natural-looking finish. Our triple milled formula is super easy to apply, and blurs fine lines and pores whilst softening & promoting hydrated skin.
Want to learn more powder techniques (link to blog)? Follow Nikkia Joy’s YouTube channel for some beautifying makeup hacks that will take your makeup look to the next level. From identifying your eye shape(link to blog) to nailing your lash application and creating the perfect airbrushed base, we’ve got all of your bases covered.