The Best Lashes for Downturned Eyes

The Best Lashes for Downturned Eyes

Do you find yourself spending lots of time on perfecting your lash application, only for the finished look to still come off a little…well... off-balance?

We get it. While you might be a beauty junkie that can do all kinds of eyeshadow colours and shading tricks, the wrong shape false lash can completely throw off your whole look. 

If you’ve ever had trouble finding the perfect lashes for you, the chances are you’re not picking the right style for your eye shape.  Whether you’re looking for everyday wear or special occasion glam, consider this your go-to-guide for finding the best lashes for downturned eyes.

Because we know just how tricky the art of false lash application is, we’ve decided to make the lives of our favourite lash lovers easier, by designing a selection of false lashes to suit each unique eye shape.

Looking for the best false lashes for downturned eyes? Get your ‘notes’ app ready!

Have I got downturned eyes?

downturned eyes

Downturned eye shapes are actually one of the most common eye shapes. Put simply, downturned eyes tilt downwards at the outer corner of your eyes. When the eyes tilt in a downturned direction, it can give the appearance of large upper lids. Still unsure? Take a peek in the mirror and focus on drawing an imaginary line straight across your eye lid. Would the outer corners dip below the line? If it’s a yes, then you’ve got downturned eyes. 

Finding the lash style your eyes will love  

If you’re looking for the best lashes for downturned eyes, it’s important to note that the wrong lashes can give the appearance of an almost droopy look. Since downturned eyes are characterised by outer corners that tilt down, make sure you avoid lashes that are too heavy – especially at the ends. Choose wispy, natural-looking lashes that feature the longest lashes in the centre, as this will give your outer corners a subtle, all-over lift.

Ariana Lash ($15 AUD)

The wispy, criss cross lashes on the Ariana lash provide natural volume with just the right amount of drama. Drinks with the girls, yes please.

Lauren Lash ($10 AUD)

Lightweight and airy, this elongating lash will allow you to accentuate the shape of your eyes without overwhelming your face. This 3D design offers a cross woven pattern for natural volume that effortlessly steals the show. Meet the Lauren lash.

Victoria Lash ($25 AUD)

This do-everything lash features ultra-curled silky hairs placed in a criss-cross pattern to really lift and open the eyes. The Victoria lash is perfect for downturned shaped eyes.

From round eyes to smallbig and even the most sensitive eyes, our lashes cater to every eye shape, mood, and moment. Explore the Nikkia Joy Cosmetics blog for our tell-all tips.  


What are downturned eyes? 

Downturned eyes are actually one of the six most common eye shapes! With downturned eye shapes, the outer corner of the eye will tilt downward, which can sometimes give the illusion that the upper lid is much larger than the bottom lid. 

Which lash style is best for downturned eyes?

When it comes to finding the best lashes for downturned eyes, it’s important not to choose lashes that are heavier on the outer corners. This can overwhelm the eyes and even make them appear a little droopy. Go for lightweight, feathery and natural-looking designs with longer lashes at the centre as this will balance out the eyes and give an all-over lift. 

Why don’t my fake eyelashes stay on my eye properly?

Make sure that you let your lash glue dry a little and become tacky before applying your lashes. If you’ve got your lash application nailed but your lashes appear to be hanging off at the end, you’ve probably chosen styles that are too long and dense for your actual eye.