Powder Power Ingredients: Complexion Essentials

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Formulated to set makeup or finish a look, the dream finishing powder works to control shine, lock makeup in place all day, and blur fine lines and imperfections. More importantly, it can infuse the skin with powerhouse ingredients that deeply hydrate, condition and protect - all while creating an airbrushed finish. 

Pick the wrong face powder made from ingredients that aren’t so kind to your skin, and your complexion might appear dull, cakey or ashy. And that’s not even including the damage that harmful ingredients can wreak on your body when they’re used long term.

powder set

So, with the advent of airbrushed, dewy makeup, and our general obsession with healthy, nourished skin, we’re here to introduce you to our revolutionary velvet finishing powder, a complexion must-have that deeply hydrates and conditions the skin. 

Meet some of the most powerful makeup ingredients to ever exist in one product. 

Think nutrition, for the complexion 

Demolishing the notion that makeup is harmful to the skin, our finishing powder offers a wealth of benefits. Uniting a host of natural makeup ingredients and extracts including antioxidants vitamins A and E, hydrating aloe vera, sweet almond oil, coconut aminos and calming green tea extract, learn how you can fight premature ageing, heal scars and reduce sun damage, all in one shiny compact. 

Vitamin A: With the ability to encourage the birth of new healthy skin cells, vitamin A is a powerhouse antioxidant that works to fight premature ageing by visibly improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  

Vitamin E: Much-loved in the land of skincare, this antioxidant heals scars and skin damage. Promising to moisturise, soothe and hydrate, allow this dream ingredient to rejuvenate the skin and improve its texture.

Sweet Almond Oil: Deemed a skin saviour in the beauty world, this multitasking ingredient reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst simultaneously hydrating and conditioning the complexion.  

Aloe Vera: This restorative plant is known for its healing properties and is used to soothe and cool irritated skin. Deeply hydrate and condition the complexion, whilst substantially reducing inflammation.

Coconut Aminos: When topically applied, this hydrating skincare hero strengthens the skin’s natural defence system, promising a visibly nourished, conditioned and firmer complexion.

Green Tea Extract: Offering powerful antioxidant protection against free radicals, welcome one mother nature’s finest ingredients. Known to calm irritation and redness whilst boosting hydration and conditioning, green tea extract is incredibly kind to the skin. 

Control oil, shine, and complete any makeup look with our signature skin-perfecting product.  Welcome healthier, glowing skin with a carefully blended selection of skincare saviours that promise a photoshop finish. For a finishing powder that goes above and beyond a pick-me-up for the skin, shop the flawless base collection now, and discover the tools you need for seamless application and a faultless-looking complexion. For a little makeup inspiration, head to our Instagram @nikkiajoycosmetics and check out how our babe Abbey Stojanovic perfected her skin & locked her makeup down with our velvet finishing powder.